EV Charger BOOST

ExCITE EV BESS is an outdoor Battery Energy Storage system designed and made for North America Environment. Canada made system provide direct factory after sales services and peace of mind operation. The power conversion is done by state of art Sierra multiport bidirectional inverters. INVIEW Energy management and monitoring system with powerful flexible and professional software will manage the BESS system. With Inview, you can monitor and control your entire infrastructure. This solution collects data from multiple devices, power converters, batteries (via their BMS) to create a single power management system (PMS) for customers.

Sierra Bidirectional inverter is software configurable. Input can be configured to be able to inject to Grid or not based application prerequired.

Aluminum made, Electrostatic Polyester powder coated, IP55 Cabinet, equipped with air conditioner, Heat Exchanger or Fan-Filter Plus optional Heater accommodates, and protects electronic components and batteries safe from Harsh or Cold North America environment.


ExCITE: Exchangeable cooling door provides option to change the cooling system easily and fast (1 Hour) in the installed site any time.

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