ExCITE Smart

ExCITE Smart stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a multitude of advantages that set it apart as a truly exceptional modular outdoor cabinet. With a range of unique features designed to enhance functionality, adaptability, and resilience, ExCITE Smart is the ultimate solution for rapid deployment scenarios across diverse industries.

One of the standout advantages of ExCITE Smart is its controller which efficiently manages both inputs and outputs, ensuring precise control over the cabinet’s various systems.

ExCITE Smart takes adaptability to new heights with its auxiliary input connection through a BIX block. This feature simplifies the integration of additional equipment or systems into the cabinet’s operations and facilitates the expansion of the cabinet’s capabilities, making it an ideal choice for evolving deployment requirements.

The inclusion of a sliding roof sets ExCITE Smart apart as a cabinet that prioritizes operator safety and convenience. This feature offers protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operations during challenging environments. Moreover, the capability to install an optional curtain adds an extra layer of convenience.

This cabinet is equipped with ready-to-use genset camlocks, streamlining the integration of generators into the system. This feature ensures swift deployment and connection, making the cabinet suitable for scenarios requiring alternate power sources or backup solutions.

ExCITE Smart is not just an outdoor cabinet; it’s a pioneering solution that combines innovation and functionality. With its distinctive advantages and comprehensive characteristics, ExCITE Smart stands as the embodiment of cutting-edge outdoor equipment deployment, ensuring optimal performance, protection, and efficiency across various applications and industries. Experience the transformative power of ExCITE Smart and elevate your deployment capabilities to a new realm of excellence.

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