Pioneering Innovations in Battery Technology: A Glimpse into METROBIT BESS Manufacturing
In the wake of exponential advancements in battery manufacturing technology, particularly in lithium-ion batteries and bidirectional power converters, coupled with a remarkable decrease in their costs, the global landscape is witnessing a significant surge in the adoption of charge and discharge-based energy storage systems. Positioned at the forefront of this technological revolution is METROBIT, showcasing […]
METROBIT’s ExCITE Family Set to Achieve CSA Approval for Outdoor Enclosures
METROBIT, a frontrunner in providing state-of-the-art energy solutions, proudly announces that its ExCITE family of outdoor telecom cabinets is on the verge of receiving CSA approval, marking a significant leap forward in the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation within the telecommunications industry. Crafted and manufactured by METROBIT, the ExCITE family represents a pioneering advancement […]